People use many different types of browser software to view websites. The most common browser software is Microsoft's Internet Explorer, with popular alternatives being Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari.

It is our goal for our sites to work with all major browser software, but in some cases it isn't possible due to the large amount of changes it would require. Please note that our sites will not support old versions of browser software - visitors need to be using the latest version. Old versions of browser software usually contains many bugs, and also have security problems.

For example, Internet Explorer 8 is the latest version from Microsoft, with version 9 being released soon (at the time of writing this post). Unfortunately around 10% of internet users still have the older version 7, and around 5% still use version 6. Those older versions have many bugs and security issues, and while some parts of our sites will work OK, other parts may not function properly or will be displayed incorrectly. If you are using an outdated version of your browser software, we highly recommend that you upgrade - it's free, and it will also improve your online security. We have included download links to all major browsers at the bottom of this post.

The other exception is that we can't fully support mobile phone browsers. This is because phones and mobile devices use many different browser variations and screen sizes. We have made efforts to ensure the forum is viewable by most mobile browsers, but some of the design will be cluttered or not properly aligned. If you are using a mobile device and wish to report specific problems, please contact us explaining the exact nature of the problem and we will attempt to find a solution.

Our sites requires a javascript-enabled browser for some functions. It is our intention for our websites to be accessible to members with disabilities, and those using Assistive Technology to visit the sites - if this applies to you, and you have a problem with our sites or require assistance, please contact us.

PC, Mac and Linux users can download the latest versions of browser software, free of charge, from the following sites :

Internet Explorer :

Firefox :

Chrome :

Opera :

Safari :